3D Mapping

3D mapping with UAV’s is done using a technique called Photogrammetry. 

Photogrammetry is making measurements from Photographs. The output of this is usually a map, measurement or 3D model of a real-world object or scene. Many of the maps we use today in day to day life are created using photogrammetry with images taken from UAV’s.

3D mapping can be used in a variety of roles such as live public events, real estate photos, risk assessment to flood defence mitigation.

We use UAV’s to capture low altitude images to make the map, the camera is usually pointed vertically down to the ground. Hundreds of overlapping photos of the ground below are captured as the UAV flies autonomously along a pre programmed flight path that we specify before the flight date. This ensures we don’t miss anything and enough image overlap is achieved.

The images are then processed and stitched together using a very powerful computer to create one large user moveable 3d render.

This is a 3D model of a small area of Cothelstone Hill in Somerset

To see the image in movable 3D, download the file HERE and open it using Adobe Acrobat Reader (must be v10 or higher)

Flight Level Media LTD Mapping


An example of pre-flight planning a waypoint mission over the target area